Christian Group Home for Disabled Adults

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Christ heals allRainbow Acres offers a holistic approach to enrich developmentally disabled residents’ lives spiritually, physically, emotionally and socially.

Spiritual growth is fostered through: Prayer Circle, held each morning at the Palmer Community Center; most caregivers practice daily devotionals and actively pray in the group homes; Bible studies are attended by many once or twice every week; Ranchers are provided with transportation to church services of their choice; and ministers and pastors on staff lead an evening Prayer and Praise service at Rainbow once each month.

Volunteer groups from visiting churches lead Vacation Bible School activities; the Rancher Choir performs at churches upon request; the phrase “God bless you” is uttered regularly and with heartfelt sincerity throughout the campus.

This “Christ the Healer” bronze by John Soderberg in the patio area of the community center is a constant reminder of the healing powers of unconditional love and leads the spirit toward humility and peace.

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