Day Program for Developmentally Disabled Adults

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How will I care for my special needs family member when he’s an adult?”

All you require is the ability to make a living – to work during the day. You can care for your loved one in the evening, but finding appropriate and reliable daily care is difficult.

Rainbow Acres could be your answer to this pressing anxiety. Consider Austin, who has Down Syndrome and cannot be left at home alone. At 20 years of age, Austin is elegible for one more year of high school. His guardian is his single grandmother, who must work and constantly struggles to make ends meet. A grant allowed Austin to participate as a Day Rancher this summer, and he has loved it.

After the first month Austin’s grandmother said, “I am praying that the Lord will provide a way for Austin to move to Rainbow Acres when I can no longer care for him. You cannot imagine the changes in him in just three weeks! He is maturing and growing up to be a man. He has friends, and he is engaging in life on the Ranch! What more could I ask for him?”

Nutritional and tasty meals, programs that provide stimulation, and friends and staff who truly care. We can help. To learn more about qualifying for our Day Rancher program or full residential package contact Dee at or (928) 567-5231.

Austin at world famous Red Rock Crossing near Sedona

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