Arizona Gives Day – Results!

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The first-ever Arizona Gives Day is behind us. Heartfelt thanks to all who contributed to Rainbow Acres!

Out of 807 nonprofit organizations registered in Arizona for the event, we were 47th in number of individual donors and 44th in the amount of dollars donated. We didn’t get the cash awards for first or second place among Rural Not-for-Profits, but we were 4th in the “number of donors” category, with 44.

On the day of March 20 Rainbow Acres supporters gave $3,460.00, but due to some who missed the actual date, a total of $4,210 was collected on the website over a four-day period. Not bad for a first-time money raising event!

In all of Arizona, $928,541.00 was contributed to 807 participating charities during the 24 hours of Arizona Gives Day. No doubt it will increase next year as nonprofit staff members now know some of the strategies for success in getting the word out.

Rainbow Acres was number one in total donors and dollars among Verde Valley nonprofits, which garnered excellent coverage in all local newspapers.

Look for more information about the second annual Arizona Gives Day in early 2014 and again, thank you for your support !

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