24 E-Z UP Canopies!

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EZ ups Roman, Darren, Steve G

“God moves in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform!”


These words from an old hymn are shown to be true many times at Rainbow Acres, but not more than we saw today! Here’s the story:

A little less than three weeks ago, a group from the Los Angeles area came on Discovery Tour II to see what their church congregations were generously donating to with the sponsorship of Oikos House.

Developmental Disabilities don't stop us

Ranchers carry E-Z UP canopies

Debbie Gentry, Regional Coordinator, Office of the Executive Minister, American Baptist Churches of Los Angeles, Southwest & Hawaii (ABCOFLASH) stayed on a few days after the official tour was over, as the guest of one of our Rancher parents and member of the Board of Trustees, Judy Roughton, at her home in Camp Verde. Debbie and Judy sat on the back porch overlooking the extensive irrigated green lawn and talked about how the lawn is used each fall for the Special Olympics Regional Bocce Tournament. Over 100 special athletes compete from all over Northern Arizona, and along with family members and volunteers, nearly 200 people converge on the one-day Bocce Ball Courts.

Debbie asked Judy what the greatest need was for the tournament and Judy’s answer was quick: “Shade! It gets hot during the day and we don’t have enough canopies to provide shade for the various teams or for the lunch servers and other volunteers.”

Storing shade canopies

Ranchers and a couple of staff members carry the E-Z UP shades upstairs to storage

Debbie said that there was someone in the ABCOFLASH church group in the E-Z UP Inc. management and that she’d talk to him when she got back to southern California.

Recently, Steve Roblee, Director of Church Relations for Rainbow Acres, had spoken at Evergreen Baptist Church of Los Angeles, where Gregg Lee, owner of E-Z UP Inc. attends. Gregg had been inspired to help Rainbow in some way, so when Debbie approached him, he said “YES!”

Today a pallet containing 24 E-Z UP canopies arrived at Rainbow Acres! 10′ x 10′ canopies to provide shade for Bocce, for Family and Friends get-togethers, and for our Annual Open House events! We are so thankful for God’s goodness and the mysterious ways He provides for our needs through all the kind-hearted people who care about Rainbow Acres and our Ranchers!


Thank You E-Z UP!

Equine Sunshine at Rainbow Acres!

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Our new horse, Danny, has been provided by two generous donors to make life better for the adults with developmental disabilities who call Rainbow Acres home!

Equine Sunshine HQ Apr 15

Danny is an 8 year old Palomino Morgan horse, about 15 hands, with a strong build and a very gentle disposition. Morgan horses are known for their gentleness and are often chosen for 4-H projects and therapeutic riding programs.

Morgan Horse

Danny, our newest addition!

Janet Tuttle, coordinator of the Animal Care and Education program and Rancher riding and equine care classes, is happy to have an addition to our other sweet-tempered Palomino Quarter horse, Rubia.  We are all thankful for the wonderful support that allowed this to happen!

Hiking for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

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Rainbow Acres has an active Hiking Club, thanks to Andy Rogers, Director of Vocations and his wife Sara, one of our terrific Caregivers! The groups of Ranchers who participate vary from one week to another, depending on the level of difficulty of the trail being taken.

Recently Andy and Sara took Ranchers on a relatively level trail around the lagoons at Dead Horse Ranch State Park in nearby Cottonwood. It was a beautiful day and a lovely place, as you can see by the photos and this short video! Enjoy!

Intellectual disabilities don't slow man down

John Brian enjoying the sunshine

Dead Horse Ranch State Park has campgrounds and cabins for rent, RV dump stations, fishing in the lagoons and access to the Verde River, a playground, picnic ramadas with tables and grills and a nice gift shop at the entrance.

Caregiver with special needs adults

L-R: Susan, Joy, Sara, Nancy

World Peace

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Our program director told this story about what happened today:

After Prayer Circle this morning, one of the resident Ranchers, a man with developmental disabilities and incredible insight (as you will see) came to his office and said, “If everyone would pray and love each other like Ranchers do, there would be world peace.”  Then they said a prayer together.

We pray for each of our friends today and hope that the joy and peace that we have at Rainbow is not just felt here but will spread across the nation and around the world.

Men with developmental disabilities together

Peaceful gatherings are a regular occurrence at Rainbow Acres. Lawrence plays as Matthew, Daniel, Scott and John Brian enjoy the music.

What a wonderful prayer for the first day of Spring and every day!


Tae Kwon Do good for men with developmental disabilities

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Rainbow Acres fosters total health – spiritual, mental, social and physical – for adults with developmental disabilities.

Resident Ranchers have opportunities to worship as they wish, where they wish, and are provided many varied activities to stay engaged with friends and to flourish intellectually to their greatest potential.

Each Rancher has different physical abilities and challenges as well. Rainbow Acres is happy to participate in many Special Olympics sports, has a popular fitness center and walking trails on site as well as an active Hiking Club and equestrian center.

One extracurricular opportunity in Camp Verde and nearby Cottonwood is offered by KC’s Family Tae Kwon Do, which has welcomed three Ranchers who have been willing to dedicate themselves to the rigorous training and discipline necessary to learn karate skills.

Enjoy this video, titled “Rainbow Warriors”, taken and edited last night and submitted by Caregiver Sara Rogers.  Thanks Sara!

Music for video: “Gravity (Gotta Fly)” by The Vibrant Sound


Corned Beef and Cabbage!

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Rainbow Acres is getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day festivities!

Our greenhouses are flowing with a great crop of cabbages this year, including the giant pictured, weighing in at 7 pounds yesterday!

cabbage grown at Rainbow Acres

7 pound cabbage!


This specimen will go into coleslaw tomorrow, but the up and coming heads of cabbage are on track for March 17th’s traditional celebration lunch of corned beef and cabbage. Yum!

Ranchers, staff members and volunteers work and have fun gardening in the three Rainbow Acres greenhouses, growing vegetables and herbs, as well as starting flowers and plants that beautify our campus. Lots of green thumbs and lots of love help feed and nurture everyone at this special place!