Rainbow Acres Community

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The Palmer Community Center is a hub of activity for the Rainbow Acres Ranch. It serves primarily as a communal dining center for the daily all-ranch noon meal, but is also used for rehearsal space for the Rancher Choir, worship space for prayer groups and bible studies, and as a meeting space for programs, parties and more.

The building features a spacious dining hall with gorgeous views, a state-of-the-art sound and lighting system and a professional kitchen. It also features the Road Runner Fitness Center, dedicated to Rainbow Acres supported Carolyn Gibson. The room is an enclosed, climate-controlled space that is equipped with modern fitness machines and weights. Come heat or frost, the Ranchers have a place to maintain their physical fitness.
Gracing the steps of the Palmer Community Center is a beautiful new statue crafted by local artist John Soderberg. The statue, dubbed Christ the Healer, consists of four figures – Christ and three individuals with physical ailments. Christ the Healer stands as a symbol of God's love and support for all his children. The statue was commissioned by Rainbow supporter Virginia Frese Palmer.