TETRA Equestrian Training

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Empowering lives through the heart of the horse. This simple, yet powerful statement is the driving force behind Total Equine Training at Rainbow Acres (T.E.T.R.A.). The T.E.T.R.A. equestrian program allows Ranchers to have close and meaningful contact with one of God’s most majestic creatures. By caring for and spending time with horses, Ranchers learn responsibility and companionship, both important elements in Rainbow’s holistic approach to care.

The T.E.T.R.A. equestrian program currently offers six areas of practical and educational learning that include therapeutic riding, horse care, stable care and classroom learning. Ranchers can either mix and match which areas they participate in, or they can follow a comprehensive course that offers experiences from each area.

To learn more about the T.E.T.R.A. equestrian program, contact the T.E.T.R.A. office at
, or call 928.567.5231.