Vocational Training

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Vocational Training is an important part of life at Rainbow Acres. Having a job, a skill set, a reason to get up every day has a huge effect on Rancher pride and self esteem. Rainbow offers a number of daily opportunities, both on and off the Ranch, for Ranchers to learn and perfect a skill, and to meaningfully contribute to the Ranch community.

Ranchers can participate in a number of on-site activities like weaving, crafts and landscaping. Some Ranchers may also have the opportunity to work at businesses in the neighboring communities of Camp Verde, Cottonwood and Sedona. Employment opportunities include positions at restaurants, grocery stores, churches, recycling facilities and more.

Each Rancher receives personalized vocational counseling and instruction, assuring that they find success in positions they love. To learn more about the Vocational Training program, contact the Vocational Training office at, or call 928.567.5231