Arizona Public Service (APS), the electric energy supplier for much of Arizona, including Camp Verde, recently provided a grant to Rainbow Acres to help with costs of transportation for Ranchers to get to their jobs in surrounding communities. Read more in this front page article in the January 27, 2016 Camp Verde BUGLE.


About 30 of the almost 100 adults with developmental disabilities who live in our residential community have employment at local businesses and churches. The costs of maintaining our fleet of vans and keeping them fueled for all the needed transportation of a community the size of Rainbow Acres can be overwhelming, so getting financial help from individuals, companies and foundations is a critical part of making lives successful.

In the photo, some of the Ranchers who work at Sedona Recycles are waiting by one of the vans that are used to take them to work each day.

able to work

Ranchers line up to get into the van for a ride to work