Golden Plate Award 2016

Once again, Rainbow Acres won the Golden Plate Award for the year 2016.   The Ranchers that work on the Kitchen Crew deserve a great deal of credit for this accomplishment.   They should be very proud of the work that they do. 

Many thanks to the April Palmer, our Cook extraordinaire, staff members and dedicated volunteers that make the kitchen work.  We appreciate all of the hard work that you all do to make the kitchen run smoothly . . .  after all ”many hands make light work” and our entire crew is proof that the adage however old is indeed true.

The three criteria that must be met to receive a Golden Plate Award:

1) Operate throughout the entire calendar year without a cited critical food handling violation.

2) Have an approved and implemented food safety plan.

3) Have a person-in-charge with an accepted and current manager-level food safety certificate throughout the year.

The awards are divided between congregate style dining facilities such as schools, camps and health care establishments and those that are more restaurant-style with food served to order. April and Crew won the previous year as well!