Annual Fund
Arizona Tax Credit
Capital Improvements

Annual Fund
(Our Greatest Need)

Gifts directed toward our Annual Fund help us respond flexibly to allocate funds where they are most needed at the time they are received. These funds support the needs that are vital to our rancher community and facilities.

AZ Tax Credit
(AZ Residents ONLY)

If you have a tax liability to the State of Arizona, your designated gift will come back to you as a credit when you file and you will receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit when you give to the non-profit charity of your choice.

Capital Improvements
(Build for the Future)

This fund provides for new apartments, program buildings and other significant capital projects, as well as some refurbishing/renovating projects.

Enrichment Opportunities (Choose from 5 Programs)

Your gift goes directly to enrich and sustain the selected program of your choice. Animal Program, Greenhouse Program, Rancher Choir, Special Olympics or Clavinova.

Support a Rancher

Your donation directly affects a Ranchers life in either an Adopt-A-Rancher Fund, the Good Samaritan Fund, or the Scholarship Fund.

good samaritan
scholarship fund
Adopt a Rancher

Your donation would help an individual who has either outlived their families’ resources or their living family has exhausted their personal resources.

Good Samaritan Fund

Assists Ranchers who do not have adequate insurance or financial resources with critical medical and dental needs.


Either a one time or recurring gifts to support the general scholarship fund for Ranchers in need.