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Rancher Group 180Rainbow Acres provides holistic care and development of adults with developmental disabilities. We offer high-quality housing, exceptional programs and extracurricular activities – both on ranch and in the local community. We work as a team with each resident (called a “Rancher”) and his/her family, to design a custom program for the Rancher that develops the whole person (physical, intellectual, spiritual, social) in a manner that best fits their interests and abilities. Rainbow Acres is anchored in the core values of love, hope, compassion, and community and all care is delivered by the principles of the golden rule. These values become part of each Rancher, caregiver and employee and are manifest in a friendly community that is filled with remarkable and authentic joy and growth. New milestones, miracles, and expanded capabilities of the Ranchers are witnessed every day. It’s a place where friends become family, and Rainbow Acres becomes home.

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Rainbow Acres provides fully licensed, ADA-compliant, high-quality homes and apartments that allow Ranchers to be part of a community while preserving their independence and privacy.

Homes at Rainbow Acres are a safe haven where Ranchers receive daily personal care in the comfort and warmth of a familiar living space. The common areas of all homes are tastefully decorated and welcoming, and each Rancher has their own bedroom filled with personal belongings. Homes are separate for men and for women.

Homes and Apartments

There are 12 residential homes on the ranch. Each home accommodates 10 Ranchers and a full time (24/7) caregiver team, with private rooms for each person and community spaces for all. Each home has a full kitchen, a washer/dryer, a common area dining room, and a large TV entertainment area with comfortable seating for everyone. The homes also have a desk and computer area for general use.

There are 8 apartments for Ranchers that enjoy more independent living, yet desire to be connected to the larger community for additional support, and for social and recreational opportunities. Each apartment has its own kitchen, washer/dryer, and bedroom and living/dining area.

NW Apartments Apartment kitchen Craig Apartment Apartment Bedroom Dakin Circle Dakin Quarter View Nash Entrance Nash Table Ladies Table Elisabeth Room Dining Room Living Area


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Rainbow Acres provides a variety of programs for lifelong learning in the areas of education, vocational opportunities, life skills training and fine art. Our educators and staff members are passionate about helping Ranchers develop to their full potential, and are experienced in successfully teaching individuals across a wide range of ability and learning styles. Our goal is to strengthen and enhance the cognitive abilities of each Rancher, and to help them gain confidence in their abilities. There are also learning opportunities available in our nearby local community.

Educational Programs

Vocational Programs

Fine Arts Programs


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We believe that experiencing new things, enjoying favorite activities and having fun are important parts of a full life. Rainbow Acres offers a wide range of opportunities for Ranchers to participate in social and recreational activities that help expand their horizons and add joy to their lives. Whether the activity is provided by Rainbow Acres, the local community or volunteers, there’s always something to participate in.


Spiritual Life






The focus of the Health & Wellness Program is to oversee the health and well being of our Ranchers and staff. Caring for our community means so many things with our diverse group of Ranchers at Rainbow Acres, especially when, at times, Ranchers don’t always recognize their own needs.

Health and Wellness Program

Cognitive Enrichment Program

Physical Fitness Program


Every person has gifts to be discovered, nurtured and cherished. At Rainbow Acres, we regularly celebrate the personal achievements of every Rancher and publicly recognize their efforts and achievements. Rancher accomplishments bring so much pride to our community. Celebrating them creates a reinforcing and motivating ripple effect of goodness around the ranch.

Rancher of the Month – Each month we honor one male and one female with this distinguished award, given for the Ranchers who exhibit outstanding citizenship and exemplary behavior. The Ranchers being awarded are recognized, and given a framed certificate with their photo on it. The award hangs in the corridor of the Palmer Community Center for the entire month.

Certificates of Completion – Programs such as Fine Arts Painting, Life Skills Training and Animal Education confer certificates to Ranchers who complete specific courses.

Good Works Awards – Ranchers are recognized monthly for numerous reasons that are not only a personal accomplishment, but also a benefit to our entire community such as overall attitude, kind acts towards others, assistance given, cleanliness of personal space and good hygiene practices. We also celebrate good works of Ranchers who have made strides towards a personal goal or an accomplishment unique to them.

Rancher award ceremonies are definitely a highlight of the month!

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