Admissions Criteria

Rainbow Acres serves individuals with a wide range and degree of developmental disabilities, caused by a number of different conditions that include, but are not limited to, Down syndrome, Fragile X syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Tuberous Sclerosis, and Williams syndrome. 

Admission Criteria

A successful candidate will fulfill the following criteria:

  •  Be 18 years of age or older (admission process may begin earlier)
  •  Have a primary diagnosis of developmental disability or cognitive challenge
  •  Able to cover the cost of care
  •  Be accepting of supervision
  •  Have the ability to be left alone for short periods of time
  •  Able to ambulate and/or transfer independently
  •  Be free of impulse to take flight or run away
  •  All medical conditions must be manageable
  •  Be free of communicable diseases
  •  Be free from patterns of aggression or abuse toward self and others
  •  Be capable of most self-care and activities of daily living with prompting (e.g. eating, brushing teeth, toileting, etc.)
  •  Be able to live successfully in community with others, and engage in programs and activities to the extent of his/her ability

For any questions regarding the admissions criteria, please contact our Admissions Team at or call 928-567-5231.