News and Events

Choir Performances

The Rancher Traveling Choir performs at churches and other special venues when a request fits their schedule. The Traveling Choir members must audition for a spot and are required to maintain high standards of behavior as ambassadors of Rainbow Acres around Arizona and occasionally out of state.

You are welcome to attend services to support the Ranchers wherever they uplift their voices in songs of praise, joy and thanksgiving!


Promising Futures

Join us for coffee and refreshments, enjoy a 50 minute presentation about Rainbow Acres and hear some in-depth Rancher stories. After the presentation, you are welcome to stay for a tour of our residential community and its programs. An additional option is to remain for a complimentary lunch in the Palmer Community Center with Ranchers and Staff.

First Thursday of each month through 2016, except for December

Upcoming: July 7 and August 4

9:30 a.m. presentation, 10:30 tour (optional), 12:00 lunch (optional)

Celebration Hall of the Palmer Community Center

Please let us know you will be coming so we can prepare appropriately. Contact Kelli at 928-567-5231 or

Blood Drive

Rainbow Acres hosts three blood drives each year to help our local blood services in providing for victims of accidents and surgical patients. Modern technology allows each donor to save up to three lives!

Blood drives take place in the pleasant surroundings of the Palmer Community Center and you’ll be served yummy fresh-baked cookies and juice to thank you for your help.

Go to to register and reserve your time. Just enter Rainbow Acres as the sponsor. Thank you for saving lives!

Saturday, July 16

9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. 

Palmer Community Center at Rainbow Acres

Fine Arts Series

Performances by talented individuals and groups, whether professional or not, are always appreciated by our Ranchers and staff members. These Fine Arts Series concerts are free to all and last about one hour. The public is invited and encouraged to join us for the various types of entertainment offered.

If you would like to receive an email announcement about future Fine Arts Series events, please email and give your name, email address and your wish to be added to our distribution list for FAS!