Daily Schedule


  • Breakfast in Rancher homes
  • Chores, make beds, dress and grooming
  • Prayer Circle (optional)
  • Crews on campus (See Vocational Programs)
  • Break and snack
  • Additional Crew time


  • Lunch together in Palmer Community Center
  • Extracurricular activities, (See Extracurricular Activities) including:
  • Fitness Center by appointment
  • Rest time as wanted or needed
  • Walking, puzzles, games
  • Medical appointments as needed
  • Snack break in houses
  • Choir practice
  • Computer Lab by house
  • Clavinova Connection
  • Animal classes, equestrian lessons, bicycle riding


  • Evening meal served family style in homes
  • Walking, relaxation and social time
  • Listen to music, watch TV or movies in great room of house or bedroom
  • Bedtime

Note: Medications are dispensed routinely, and per doctor’s orders.