Educational Programs

The Worden Lifelong Learning Center accommodates our academic classroom, where we teach lessons in the core subjects of math, language arts, science and social studies. Working as a group on common concepts, and individually based on ability, we strive to engage each Rancher in these key areas in a way that is interesting and accessible to him or her. The Learning Center houses the Taber Computer Lab, equipped with 16 computer work stations. Groups of Ranchers are given supervised opportunities every week to use this technology. Ranchers are able to learn basic computer skills and how to apply them for classwork, games, or other learning possibilities, and to stay in touch with their families. Life Skills training is built into the everyday experience of being a Rancher. Caregivers and staff are always helping the Ranchers learn basic tasks big and small so that they are empowered and meaningfully engaged in their daily living. Rainbow Acres also provides workshops on social skills, self-care skills, and a variety of other life skills periodically throughout the year.

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