Vocational Training

Vocational Training is an important part of life at Rainbow Acres. Having a job, a skill set, and a reason to get up every day has a huge effect on Rancher pride and self esteem. Rainbow offers a number of daily opportunities, both on and off the ranch, for Ranchers to learn and perfect a skill, and to meaningfully contribute to the ranch community.

On-Ranch Responsibilities:

“Crew” Every morning Ranchers go to crew, which is a time of focused learning on a task or skill, based on interest. Each crew has a staff leader who oversees the activity, and who teaches, or provides help and guidance as needed. Ranchers work on a specific skill or project from which they can have a positive experience and tangible accomplishment. Our crews include:-

  • Crafts: Making stepping-stones, artisan projects, and weaving. Rancher crafts are sold at the Ranch and at local fairs, churches, and community organizations.
  • Horse/animal care: Feeding and caring for our animal friends and keeping the barn, arena and stables clean for a healthy environment.
  • Operations: Activities focused in the areas of greenhouse gardening, landscaping, and our commercial kitchen and congregate dining hall.

Individual responsibilities:
Many Ranchers have an interest or passion when they arrive at Rainbow Acres; if they don’t, we help them find it when they are here and create a responsibility for them to be proud of owning. Responsibilities cover a broad range of open options – from handing out pencils at The Learning Center, to running a radio station on the ranch, each according to Rancher interest and ability. Having a responsibility is a source of esteem and importance and we ensure that every Rancher feels his or her contribution. We have a lot of fun creating that special assignment that’s just right for the Rancher.

Off-Ranch Jobs:

Many Ranchers also have the opportunity for employment at businesses in the neighboring communities of Camp Verde, Cottonwood, Clarkdale and Sedona. Employment opportunities include positions at restaurants, grocery stores, and churches, recycling facilities, national parks and more.

Several Ranchers enjoy giving back to the local communities and we have weekly volunteers at a food bank, child-care center, skilled nursing facility and animal shelter.

Each Rancher receives personalized vocational counseling and instruction, assuring that they find success in positions they love. Ranchers celebrate each others’ contributions to the community and encourage further growth and success.

How it works

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