Fine Arts Program

The Fine Arts Program at Rainbow Acres is a thriving program that provides a creative approach to painting for adults with developmental disabilities. Our goal is to open pathways of awareness, self-expression, personal accomplishment and life enrichment that come with learning and mastering painting techniques.We provide three professional training classes a week, where our instructors provide one-on-one guidance for painters to create works of art that are entirely their own. They are taught

  •  to see,
  •  to sketch,
  •  to select colors and subjects from photos,
  •  how to proceed to create a finished work of Art.

Sometimes they paint from still life set-ups or are challenged to paint portraits, landscape, or favorite animals.

The results are incredible, in terms of skills learned, artwork produced and the joy of accomplishment and all that goes with it. It brings the Ranchers immeasurable pride and self-confidence to realize the power of their own abilities.

Many of the paintings of our Rancher artists are made into notecards, coasters, and plaques that are sold to friends and families of the Ranchers, and in local venues, as are the paintings themselves.

About the Instructors

Fine Arts Program Testimonials

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