Indoor Activities:

The Palmer Community Center provides the perfect indoor venue for dances, talent shows, assemblies, movie time, bingo, plays, performances and special events.

The Daehler Building is home to a pool table, ping-pong, air hockey, a piano, indoor basketball hoop and a social area with a TV.

The Worden Lifelong Learning Center provides a computer lab, a learning kitchen for cooking classes and a place for special craft projects and games during non-classroom time. About once each month, the Learning Center hosts Socrates’ Cafe, an inclusive discussion providing time for Ranchers to share their thoughts about various philosophical topics.

Outdoor Activities:

Athletics – an outdoor basketball court, outdoor exercise stations and walking/biking paths and a field area are popular for pick-up games and outdoor athletic and fitness endeavors.

An outdoor open area is often used for BBQ’s, dances, games, Bocce practice and other events.

Swimming – During summer months, Ranchers enjoy swimming in the family-size pool with friends and Caregivers.

Hiking Club – The Rainbow Acres Hiking Club was formed for Ranchers to enjoy the natural beauty of our surrounding area while experiencing the benefits of physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Groups are organized by ability, and hikes are made accessible to all who are interested. Popular hikes include walking through the saguaro cactus of the nearby Sonoran Desert, the Ponderosa Pine forests near the Arizona Snow Bowl and through the Red Rocks of Sedona.

Other Extracurricular opportunities:

Field Trips: Throughout the year Rainbow Acres provides field trips and outings that Ranchers can choose to go on – from shopping trips, or dinner and a movie, to attending a professional theatrical or sporting event, or enjoying the many local highlights in the surrounding communities of Camp Verde, Sedona and Cottonwood.

Bowling: A local bowling alley is another favorite destination, to practice for Special Olympics or just a little friendly competition, for groups ranging in size from one house of ten Ranchers to the entire Ranch.

Special Olympics: Special Olympics are a highlight for our Ranchers, many of whom compete every year in several events. Rainbow Acres organizes the registration, transportation and participation requirements for our Ranchers to compete in the local, regional and state Special Olympics tournaments.

Choir: Led by staff musicians, the Rainbow Acres choir is a favorite activity for Ranchers who love to sing. The choir program includes education and training, and has practice multiple times each week. The Rainbow Acres choir performs on ranch for special events, and also travels to perform upon request.

Volunteerism and giving back: Many Ranchers find purpose and joy in service to others. Rancher volunteers spend time serving at a local animal shelter, food bank, skilled nursing facility and church nursery. Rainbow Acres also supports causes that are close to the heart. For example, our Ranch holds an annual Alzheimer’s Memory Walk. Recently, many Ranchers (who call themselves the Rainbow Friends) raised over $2,800 for the Alzheimer’s Association!

Interacting with mission groups and volunteers: Mission groups and volunteers frequently come to Rainbow Acres and bring their own brand of sparkle to the ranch. Volunteer groups engage Ranchers in all types of special activities – unique crafts, fun games, dances, BBQ’s, ice cream socials, talent shows, worship events and more. Volunteers often spend one-on-one time with Ranchers, reading to them, playing games, coloring, painting nails, doing a puzzle or listening to favorite music.

Holiday celebrations: Holidays are special at Rainbow Acres. Every major holiday is celebrated in the traditional way, and integrated into the entire Ranch experience – learning about the holiday, eating traditional food, singing relevant songs, doing a craft and enjoying the spirit. Some examples are: a Valentine’s Day love party, St. Patrick’s Day corned beef and cabbage meal, Easter egg hunts, 4th of July BBQ, Thanksgiving dinner, and Christmas celebrations.

Classes off campus: Many Ranchers take interest in off campus activities. Several take Tae Kwon Do at a local studio. There are also opportunities for Ranchers to take academic or special interest classes in the surrounding communities. We respond to requests for off campus learning on a case-by-case basis.

Animal education: Our staff teaches weekly classes on animals that Ranchers are interested in learning about, such as bats, cougars, snakes and guinea pigs. These classes help grow Rancher knowledge and enable conversation around common interests. Two miniature donkeys, two African dwarf goats and a guinea pig live in the barn and are cared for by staff and Ranchers working together.

Equestrian riding and learning: Horses are wonderfully therapeutic animals, particularly for people with developmental disabilities. There are two horses on the property available for Ranchers to ride, in a small round pen or a larger arena, with riding coaches who are in the ring with them, leading the horse as necessary. Because of the deep interest many of the Ranchers have in horses, Rainbow Acres provides extensive education, such as breeds of horses and their uses in history, styles of riding, equipment use and how to care for our equine friends.

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