Spiritual Life

Rainbow Acres is a faith-based organization that nurtures a community life based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, yet we are also welcoming and inclusive of people of all beliefs. We strive to be supportive of the spiritual choices and faith traditions of each individual and family, as is practical within our local context and community.Christian values and practices are integrated into the culture of Rainbow Acres, such as mealtime prayer and behavior guidelines based on the Golden Rule; however, participation in spiritual life activities is optional.

On campus

Ranchers may choose from a variety of activities:

  •  Daily morning Prayer Circle,
  •  Weekly Bible Study,
  •  Prayer Ministry group,
  •  Monthly evening Prayer & Praise service.

Off campus

Ranchers are encouraged to be in relationship with others in the local community.  We provide transportation and supervision for Ranchers to attend:

  • Local churches
  • The Rock Church, which is in immediate walking distance, next to the Rainbow Acres campus, with a dedicated pastor who knows our Ranchers by name and conducts non-denominational services uniquely tailored for them
  • Other places of worship as reasonable

We believe that spirituality is important to the overall well-being and health of our Ranchers.  We encourage every Rancher to have a rich spiritual life, to grow in their faith, and to use their spiritual gifts for the benefit of the community.

Our Chaplaincy Coordinator oversees the spiritual life program at Rainbow Acres, and facilitates the participation of a team of staff and volunteers in the leadership of spiritual life activities and pastoral care services.

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