Physical Fitness Program

A variety of activities are offered each day at Rainbow Acres to encourage Ranchers to maintain excellent health. Activities vary based on Rancher interest, but have included everything from learning to hula dance to stretching using simple yoga. The overarching goal is to help each individual feel empowered to improve their health and control their own bodies. 


Rainbow staff and area volunteers offer fitness classes on a regular basis as an afternoon elective where interested Ranchers can participate. Classes are frequently available for aerobic exercise, hiking, bicycling and dance. Volunteers bring extraordinary opportunities to Rainbow each year by offering one or two month sessions at Rainbow in activities in which they are professionals.

Fitness Room

Built in honor of Carolyn Gibson, a gifted Physical Therapist, the Roadrunner Fitness Center is one of the most popular locations on ranch. Equipped with free weights, a strength machine, stationary bikes and a treadmill, the fitness room serves to both enable Ranchers to exercise in ways they enjoy, and to provide trained staff to help them reach their goals for optimum weight, strength and overall health.


The most prevalent fitness activity at Rainbow is walking! Rarely can a visitor enter our gates and not find Ranchers and staff walking laps or using the Fit Trail. Many Ranchers will proudly share how they have begun to manage their weight by walking with friends during leisure hours. Using simple diagrams, the Fit Trail challenges participants to work on balance, strengthen muscles through stretching, and get a cardiovascular workout through completing the circuit.

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