The purpose of the crafts crews is to provide artistic occupational therapeutic activities aimed at enhancing and developing eye-hand coordination, color utilization, and designing skills.

Individually, each Rancher creates and designs according to their ability, with the goal of continuous improvement in mind. Sales opportunities and the frequent presence of visitors are good motivators.

Each Rancher is supported and encouraged according to artistic, emotional and social needs by caring staff members.

Stepping Stones

Icons of our life in Arizona, as well as symbols of spirituality, regularly appear in the designs of the artisanal studio of Stepping Stones.

A joyful noise of laughter is often heard with a close-knit group and their leaders working on original designs, gingerly placing tiny pieces of colored glass (up-side down!) to produce the clay-like stepping stones that everyone loves.

Paint Room

The goal, as a group, is to produce decorative items by way of painting on a variety of mediums, including small birdhouses, gourds and pinecones. Collage and beading are also available.

Each Rancher receives individual help and support to encourage cheerful occupation and pride in the achievement of making useful and decorative items.

Crafts Room

Sometimes all it takes is to put a Rancher in front of some craft-worthy items and ‘voila!’ – A vase is jeweled with bits of stained glass, and hooked rugs and colorful beaded hangings are ready to become items of décor for someone’s home.

This special crew is long-lived with caregivers, volunteers and Ranchers alike. Notwithstanding, all newcomers are welcome and do thrive in a supportive, productive and peaceful environment.

Weaving Studio

In 1995, well-known weaver Mary Pendleton began the Rainbow Acres weaving studio. The goal is to give Ranchers the opportunity to do meaningful work creating beautiful, useful woven items to sell in order to support their community.

Donated materials make new products. Old jeans and sheets become rugs, placemats and tote bags. Other fabric, yarn and trims become scarves, pin cushions and fancy totes. Wraps and vests have been added as Ranchers became more skilled.

The Rainbow Acres Weaving Studio literally weaves dreams, imaginations and donations with a rainbow of colors into useful items and also into lives of purpose and value.