How Off-Ranch Job Works

We do an evaluation when new Ranchers arrive to determine interests, experience and skills. New Ranchers then begin a crew orientation program allowing them to spend time in any and all crews desired. These include stones, crafts, painting, weaving, culinary, landscape, greenhouse, learning center and equine/animal care. After a month or so of orientation training in crews we collaborate with the Rancher and staff to determine a crew assignment for the Rancher. Ranchers are able to choose multiple crews when desired.

Ranchers showing the interest and ability are able to pursue employment and volunteer opportunities off-ranch in the community or on the ranch. We coach them through the job-search, application and interview process. Once Ranchers secure a position we provide transportation, scheduling and on-going support to help them succeed. Around 40 ranchers work for pay on a regular basis. Some of those work on the ranch in areas such as housekeeping and kitchen staff. Others work off-ranch at employers such as Sedona Recycles (12 positions), Safeway Sedona (3 Rancher positions), and 1 Rancher at each of the following: The National Park Service, Parkside Church, Calvary Chapel, Kindred Healthcare, Haven Healthcare, The Gathering, McDonalds and Bashas’.