About The Instructors

The instructors of our Fine Arts Program are a highly accomplished artist couple from Sedona. Marlys Mallet is an abstract painter who encourages unusual applications of paint, and Michael Redhawk is a gifted realistic painter who teaches landscape.

Background on how the program came to be:

Gary Wagner recognized the need for Art Appreciation on the Ranch as well as programs that challenged and stimulated the Ranchers. When Marlys and Michael were chosen to create the mural for the new Palmer Center it turned out to be the beginning of the Fine Arts Program.

A note from the instructors: 

"Rainbow surprised us with the warmth of their welcome on campus. Because our lives had been enriched by Art we wanted to share that blessing with our new Rainbow family.

We started with a morning class of four students twice a week which soon expanded to include an afternoon class as more Ranchers wanted to participate. As we began to teach the fundamentals of painting we learned even more in return.

Teaching required patience and compassion but we also needed to understand the abilities of each student and to gain their trust. As we watched our students work and blossom we began to understand the blessings of our Mission. The individual students have flourished and the amazing part is that the rest of the Rainbow Community has supported their efforts, praised their paintings and has shared in a communal pride in the artwork."