TETRA Adds Three Rancher Managers

As the new stable for the Rainbow Acres TETRA equestrian program continues to grow, so does the equestrian program itself.  At the beginning of April, TETRA added three Rancher Manager positions, to be filled by Ranchers Debbie Tedford, Roman Battistone and Greg Dawson.  For three months, these Ranchers will be responsible for additional duties above and beyond the standard expectation of every member of the equestrian program.

As Feed & Nutrition Manager, Debbie makes sure that the horses are fed correctly and on time, seven days a week.  According to program coordinator Amy Elmore, Debbie’s past work with the Feeding Program helped her develop a good sense for the nutritional needs of the horses.  She is always on the lookout for unwanted elements that make their way into to baled hay, and takes her duties very seriously.

Rancher Manager Debbie Tedford

Roman Battistone has the privilege of being Rainbow’s first Facilities Manager at the new, expanded TETRA site, and he is doing a wonderful job.  He takes the initiative to patrol the perimeter of the horse arena for trash that sometimes gets caught in the surrounding brush.

Rancher Manager Roman Battistone

As Equine Health Manager, one of Greg Dawson’s first jobs was to help monitor the horses after their first round of spring shots.  He is working on developing a sense for the little things that can potentially go wrong with a horse’s health.

Rancher Manager Greg Dawson

To earn the title of Rancher Manager, these three Ranchers had to distinguish themselves above the rest by showing exceptional skill and work ethic.  They had to apply for their positions, commit extra time to adequately perform their assigned duties and prove that they have the knowledge to fulfill their roles with integrity.  They provide exceptional care for the ranch horses and serve as role models for the entire ranch community.